I have worked in several warehouse businesses in middle management and regardless of the product being manufactured they are mostly the same.

There is usually a huge disconnect between the management and the workers. Management is trying to get the most output from floor workers and most floor workers are trying to do the least amount of work. Most of the upper management goals are unattainable because they rarely take into account human beings aren’t machines and can and will only produce based on how they feel vs a machine which will produce consistently until it breaksdown.

Most warehouse work is physically demanding and requires very few skills outside of operating machinery, forklifts, compactors, ect. The pay for most unskilled labor jobs is between $11.00 – $15.00 respectively, depending on the area of the country where you live.

As a warehouse manager I’m in the dubious position between the upper management and the floor associates and I truly understand both sides as well as the frustrations of both sides. The issues I see that are most common are floor associates that allow too much of their personal lives to affect there job performance and not take personal accountability for their choices outside of their employment.

I have heard countless stories regarding why an associate couldn’t come to work, arrived late or had to leave early that range from absurb to downright unbelievable. I try as best as I can to listen with a straight face and explain to them how their actions will be documented and how it will affect their employment.

On the upper managment side, I sit in countless meetings listening to how the labor output can be increased from people who rarely visit the floor and are mostly disconnected from the real issues which prevent maximum output from the floor associates.

I marvel at both sides and do my best to bridge the gaps and challenges that are posed from both groups everyday. But every day brings it’s own challenges and for as much as they stay the same, they are different.

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